An attractive tradition in rugby is the putting together of invitation teams for tournaments or individual matches. These teams are made up of «invited» players from other clubs, who change from former opponents into team companions, for a limited period of time. In rugby sevens this practice is particularly common. The 7 SIRS itself is an «international invitational team».


Since 2016 the Sirs organize a rugby sevens tournament in Ticino, in collaboration with Ticino Rugby.



In 2012 the 7 SIRS decided to institute a prize in memory of Ivan Francescato, one of the greatest Italian rugby players of all time (and fellow team mate of Gianfranco Viola a founding member of the 7 SIRS), who died prematurely on 19th January 1999 at the age of 31 from a heart problem. The “Ivan Francescato Award” is intended to reward sportsmen who, independently of their own sporting discipline, have distinguished themselves particularly, at the sporting and the human level.



Rugby entails “support” and “help” for your companion who is in difficulty. For this reason the 7 SIRS has decided to involve itself from its foundation, in giving support to non-profit entities and associations, active in the defense of the rights of the weak less fortunate in our society. Thus the idea of reverse sponsoring was born.



Rugby is a team sport like few others, as a result it is well suited to teambuilding activities in which companies can involve their own staff and/or those of their business partners or clients. The 7 SIRS propose teambuilding programmes open to anyone, since they are designed in such a way as not to pose a risk of serious injury to the participants. Success and fun are assured… especially when the films of the day’s activities are viewed afterwards! Would you be interested in finding out more?